My name is Monica Carvalho, I’m a Swiss photographer passionate about finding similarities in unrelated things. Since a young age, I've had a fascination for all things art and illusionism. I admire the work of the Surrealists and the infinite possibilities that the medium of photography offers for playing around. The turning point was when I discovered Adobe Photoshop, which allowed me to merge my photos with my imagination.

Since then, my motto has been to make "the ordinary extraordinary" - to elevate the meaning of everyday things.

A significant aspect of my work is that I only use photos taken by myself. This challenge makes my artistic adventures very exciting and personal, as I share an intimate connection with each element in my photomontages: I know the models, touched the objects, saw the buildings, stroked the animals, ate the foods, played the instruments...

For commissions, projects, or other enquiries, feel free to drop me an email.