I’m a Swiss photographer passionate about finding similarities in things. Since a young age, I've had a fascination for illusionism and magic tricks. I deeply admire the work of the Surrealists and the infinite possibilities that the medium of photography offers for playing around. The turning point in my career was when I discovered the photo-editing software Adobe Photoshop, which allowed me to merge my photos with my imagination. Since then, my motto has been to make "the ordinary extraordinary" - to elevate the meaning of everyday objects.

A significant aspect of my work is that I only use photos taken by myself. This challenge makes my artistic adventures very exciting and personal, as I share an intimate connection with each element in my photomontages: I know the models, touched the objects, saw the buildings, stroked the animals, ate the foods, played the instruments...

Exhibitions: “Inverted Landscapes” (Sprout Arts Gallery, London, 2015); “Funky Nature” (The Ballery, Berlin, 2018); “A Matter Of Taste” (Wälderhaus, Hamburg, 2018); “The Ordinary Extraordinary” (Museum of Optical Illusions, Seville, 2022).

Partial client list: Adobe, Apple, Columbia Sportswear, Google, Mixtiles, Nike, Samsung.